9 January - 7 February 2009

Hoxton, London

Trevor Sutton Works on Paper

Trevor Sutton
May 5 Ireland 2008
Watercolour on paper
34 x 26 cm / 13½ x 10¼ in

22 November 2007 - 12 January 2008
British Abstract Prints
Hoxton, London

8 November 2007 - 8 December 2007
Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition
Galleri Weinberger
Valkensdorfsgade 13, Copenhagen, Denmark

Group exhibition celebrating the gallery's 20th anniversary, featuring new works by Trevor Sutton and Carol Robertson.

4 October - 18 October 2007
Rich and Strange - Altered Book Project: Flock Gallery
Newport School of Art, Media and Design, Caerleon Campus, Caerleon, Newport

Trevor Sutton and Carol Robertson feature in this group exhibition of artists' interventions on library-discarded fine art books. Each artist alters one book and, in addition, makes an artist's page relating to it.

28 September - 19 October 2007
Collaboration II - Ferdinand Penker and Trevor Sutton
curated by Bernd Czechner
Wolfsberg, Austria

15 June - 21 July 2007

Hoxton, London

Following on from exhibitions of his paintings and monotypes with Flowers in 2006 is an exhibition of 16 new watercolours by Trevor Sutton. This evocative group of works is the product of a period of intense creative activity for Sutton whilst a residential Fellow at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Ireland in 2006.

Trevor Sutton Mended Dreams

Trevor Sutton
Mended Dreams 6 2006
Watercolour on paper
13½ x 10 in / 34.25 x 25.3 cm

11 June - 19 August 2007
Summer Exhibition
Royal Academy of Arts
Piccadilly, London

11 May - 9 June 2007
Trevor Sutton Coloured Time
Galerie Sho Contemporary Art
23 March - 28 April 2007
New Publications
Hoxton, London

10 February - 3 March 2007
Critics Choice
Lemon Street Gallery
Truro, Cornwall

Group exhibition including work by Trevor Sutton
Selected by William Packer

15 September - 8 October 2006

Hoxton, London

Printmaking for those artists who are not printmakers can be a daunting prospect. For Trevor Sutton however, it presents an opportunity for collaboration and innovation. Sutton allows himself to be carried by the idiosyncrasies of a given medium, in turn manipulating unfamiliar accents to describe his abstract domains. Reflections portrays one such journey made with Jack Shirreff at 107 Workshop in Wiltshire, resulting in a set of twelve imposing monotypes, made with both carborundum and acrylic paint. Each work is both painted print and printed painting, representing the largest, most physical works on paper Sutton has made to date.

Trevor Sutton Reflections

Trevor Sutton
Reflection V 2006
Monotype, 2006
Edition 75
30 x 21 in / 76 x 53 cm

2 August - 26 August 2006
Flowers Graphics at Flowers Central
Cork St, London

7 March - 1 April 2006

Cork Street, London

Sutton's latest paintings have assumed an upright rectangular format, evoking a view from a window or doorway. They suggest horizons and cloud-lines through expressive colour and brushmarks, which in turn impart a sensual and atmospheric quality, rather than conveying any specific pictorial or geographic snapshot. Nevertheless, they imply the existence of things seen and experienced. These paintings are clearly inspired by nature yet they remain firmly rooted within abstraction.

Trevor Sutton Reflex

Trevor Sutton
Overture to Dawn 2005
Oil on board
29¼ x 21¾ in / 74 x 55 cm

13 October - 12 November 2005
Trevor Sutton, Collaboration: Trevor Sutton / Ferdinand Penker
Ritter Gallery
Klagenfurt, Austria

21 October - 25 November 2005
Carol Robertson & Trevor Sutton, Out of Ireland
Galleri Weinberger
Copenhagen, Denmark

28 October - 1 November 2005
Art Cologne

24 April - 23 May 2004

Hoxton, London

This collection of Sutton's new paintings forms the largest exhibition of his work for six years. This period has seen a notable shift of emphasis towards paintings that evoke spare landscapes in which colour and brushmarks serve as expressive devices, imparting both a sensual and atmospheric effect rather than conveying a geographical site. These shimmering, colour-saturated surfaces offer viewers remote spaces in which to place their own imaginings.

Trevor Sutton New Paintings

Trevor Sutton
Day Dream Jazz
Oil on board
37 x 37 in / 94 x 94 cm

From 25 February 2004
Carol Robertson and Trevor Sutton
In a Group Show Far From the Sea
Kunstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis
Gallusstrasse 10, Bregenz, Austria

Trevor Sutton


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